Bow skills are only advantageous against magic type units, which lend them toward being very suited to maintaining a sustainable supply of Brave points. Additionally, since all bow-type items significantly raise the user's luck, they are highly effective at utilizing critical hits to pierce defense for surprisingly reliable damage output. Due to the high crit rate, items that inflict status effects on crit are also amazing in combination with the bow type's wealth of AoE attacks.

Notable skills include:

  • Area Shot and Penetrating Shot can both hit up to 3 targets for only 2 cost, making them both efficient Brave generators if they can hit multiple targets.
  • Pinpoint Shot is the single most awkward fixed range in the game, but has pretty amazing damage for the cost.
  • Rukh Wing and Arc de la Pucelle both hit a great AoE for solid damage, almost always building more Brave points than were spent. In combination with items like Ame no Kagoyumi or Yasakani Magatama, it's possible to inflict nasty status effects on the majority of the enemy party.

Bow Bow Skill ListEdit

Skill Name Cost Damage Wait Delay Effect Range AoE
Arrow Shot 0 120% 0 120 -
Jeanne · Tristan · Khublai · Archimedes · Aristoteles · Da Vinci
Penetrating Arrow 2 70% 0 120 Crit rate +30%
Pinpoint Shot 2 260% 0 150 -
Long Shot 2 170% 0 100 -
Area Shot 2 130% 0 140 -
Flechette Cannon 2 70% 0 150 Friendly Fire
Strong Shot 5 450% 0 140 -
Arc de la Pucelle 5 260% 0 150 Crit rate +40%
Rukh Wing 5 300% 0 120 -

Skill Lists By Type
Fist Melee Spear Spear Gun Gun Heal Heal Move Movement
Axe Bludgeon Throw Projectile Cannon Cannon Buff Buff Form Form
Sword Sword Magic Magic Bow Bow Debuff Debuff Wait Passive