Vlad Tepes


Type Spear
Attack 8
Defense 5
Speed 6
Luck 4
Item Slots 3
Mission Traits Develop


  • Good stats for offensive play
  • Can inflict multiple status effects
  • One of the best AoE skills in the game


  • Skillset practically forces front-row placement
  • Low defense for a frontliner
  • Only one mission trait


Passive Base Skill Skill Two Skill Three Hero Skill
Restriction Spear Impale Poison Sting Draculea
Wait --- Spear 0 Cost Spear 2 Cost Fist 2 Cost Spear 6 Cost
--- 100% Damage 70% Damage 120% Damage 350% Damage
--- 0 Wait 0 Wait 0 Wait 0 Wait
--- 120 Delay 150 Delay 90 Delay 140 Delay
Luck -4 No Effect Cancel wait Inflict Poison Inflict Curse
Target Range Range Range Range
Targets Enemies

Vlad Tepes, in addition to being the impaler of my heart, is a highly dangerous, yet surprisingly vulnerable hero. Her strong offensive stats, yet weak defense would normally encourage mid-row play to utilize the Spear type's range while staying a little further from harm; however, Vlad's skillset is entirely built around front-row placement. To make up for this risky play, Vlad has a wide array of debilitating effects that she can put to great use in the front row. Her passive, for example, will cripple the Luck stat of the enemy adjacent to her.

As with all Spear types, Vlad's basic attack utilizes extended melee range at the cost of above average Delay. Impale is a cheap skill that allows you to hit a moderate AoE. Despite its very limited range and low damage, the big benefit of this skill is its ability to cancel all enemy skills that are in the middle of their Wait time without having to rely on scoring a critical hit. This Cancel property will prove to be invaluable against super high power bosses, so don't forget that she has it at her disposal!

Poison Sting also has very limited range, but it's Vlad's fastest attack and it's perfect for utilizing type advantage. It also inflicts Poison, which is especially handy when dealing with a very high HP opponent, as it always removes a fixed percentage of the enemy's troops/health. Draculea is one of the rare 6 cost hero skills in the game, and it is by far my favorite among them. This beast couples broad range, huge AoE, high damage, and a nasty Curse effect to cripple any survivors. As long as there are still multiple enemies on the field, this skill will always prove to be worth the high cost.


As Vlad is one of the two most offensive spear heroes in the game, I would highly recommend just juicing her up with as many of the top spear items as you can acquire. Her damage output will skyrocket and she will still retain utility in a variety of situations due to her skillset's secondary effects. If you don't have any better use for it, you can also throw on the Akashic Record to make all of her skills much more cost-efficient.

Good Item Synergy:

  1. Spear items
    • Any combination of advanced spears will push her stats through the roof
  2. Gungnir
    • This spear, in particular, will perfectly raise her crit rate to 50%
  3. Akashic Record
    • This will lower the cost of all of her skills by 1, making them all more abusable


Location Mission Requirements Rewards Notes
Yamatai 王と吸血鬼

(The King and the Vampire)

Hike x1 Skill: Poison Sting


Sendai 怪異と吸血鬼

(The Oddity and the Vampire)

Explore x1 +1 equipment slot -
Transylvania 吸血鬼の故郷

(The Vampire's Hometown)

Explore x2 +1 equipment slot After conquering Great Zimbabwe
Transylvania 吸血鬼の不名誉

(Me and Beef Tongue)

Explore x3 Passive Skill: Restriction (束縛) -
Transylvania 帰ってきた吸血鬼

(The Returning Vampire) ★H

Negotiate x4 Hero Skill: Draculea


Transylvania's income raises to 680

After clearing Himiko's first mission