Galileo Galilei


Type Cannon
Attack 5
Defense 8
Speed 6
Luck 2
Item Slots 3
Mission Traits Develop Explore


  • Amazing turn manipulation


  • Only useful at turn manipulation


Passive Base Skill Skill Two Skill Three Hero Skill
Prediction Wave Cannon Flashbang Moon's Guidance Eppur si Muove
Wait --- Cannon 0 Cost Cannon 2 Cost Debuff 2 Cost Buff 4 Cost
--- 140% Damage 40% Damage 0% Damage 0% Damage
--- 0 Wait 0 Wait 15 Wait 30 Wait
--- 140 Delay 150 Delay 90 Delay 200 Delay
Luck -2 No Effect Delay +30 Spd -1 Triple action (No delay for 2 turns)
Target Range Range Range Range
Targets Enemies

Galileo Galilei is a guest character that is unlocked by amassing a ton of money after Perth has been conquered. She's one of the most single-faceted characters in the game. If you're looking for one of the best ways to make sure that your team is taking more turns than the opposing team, Galileo's your girl, but she's pretty much worthless in any other regard. Her passive makes perfect sense thematically, but isn't very useful in battle as it only affects the row in front of her; and despite her solid defense stat, she's not someone you want to put on the front lines.

Galileo's base attack is the Wave Cannon, which is very much akin to a stronger, slower rifle shot. It's her strongest attack, but that doesn't mean much with her relatively low attack stat. Flashbang, on the other hand, is a low damage support attack with nice range and a handy little AoE. It stacks on a respectable +30 delay effect onto the enemies, pushing their turn a little further back. This is extremely useful in a ton of situations where you need just a little extra time to get your big hitters an extra attack.

Moon's Guidance works together with Flashbang very well, as it lays down a minor speed debuff over a sizable AoE. It's stackable three times for a total of -3 speed, which makes a notable difference in turn frequency. Eppur si Muove is Galileo's hero skill, and true to most buff type hero skills, it really is a huge game changer. This skill essentially breaks the rules for a quick burst, allowing potentially two heroes on your team to have absolutely no delay after their next two skills. Using only skills without any wait time, this gives you essentially 4 free turns (potentially 6 consecutive turns, even!) to mass buff/debuff, heal injuries, build meter, or simply brutalize the enemy team. It is, without a doubt, completely absurd.


As a pure support hero, Galileo benefits the most from anything that helps her get turns faster or allows her to use her skills more frequently. Items such as speed boosts, wait and delay reduction, and meter building/cost reduction are generally the way to go.

Good Item Synergy:

  1. Speed boosts and Delay reduction
    • Higher speed and lower delay allows her to abuse the debuff skills much more
  2. Wait reduction
    • Though not super necessary, her last two skills do have small amounts of wait time
  3. Meter generation
    • Brave at the start of battle or at the start of each turn are helpful to the entire team
  4. Akashic Record
    • Cost reduction is quite useful for a support hero that can't generate meter very well on her own


Location Mission Requirements Rewards Notes
Perth 瞬きを焼きつけて

(Burn Into Your Memory the Twinkling of the Stars)

Develop x3 Passive Skill: Prediction (予測)

+1 equipment slot

After conquering Egypt and Venice
Yellowknife 夜空のカーテン

(The Curtain of the Night Sky)

Explore x2

Develop x2

Skill: Moon's Guidance

(月の導) +1 equipment slot

After clearing Copernicus' second mission
Alexandria それでも星は

(And Yet, the Stars...)

Develop x5 Hero Skill: Eppur si Muove


Item 197: テトラビブロス (Tetrabiblos)

Item 198: アルマゲスト (Almagest​)

Requires: Archimedes;

After clearing Copernicus' third mission