Christopher Columbus


Type Gun
Attack 9
Defense 6
Speed 4
Luck 5
Item Slots 3
Mission Traits Develop Sail


  • High power
  • Two damage types
  • Multiple AoE skills


  • Low speed
  • Hero skill has significant Wait time
  • Passive that is only useful in the front row


Passive Base Skill Skill Two Skill Three Hero Skill
Pressure Rifle Shot Anti-Material Grenade Shot Egg Bullet
Wait --- Gun 0 Cost Gun 2 Cost Cannon 2 Cost Cannon 5 Cost
--- 120% Damage 250% Damage 80% Damage 400% Damage
--- 0 Wait 0 Wait 0 Wait 50 Wait
--- 100 Delay 120 Delay 160 Delay 120 Delay
Atk -2 No Effect No Effect Friendly Fire No Effect
Target Range Range Range Range
Targets Enemies

Christopher Columbus is a cool, calculating, and imposing hero. She's very slow, but has plenty of raw power to make up for it. She also has a little more freedom of positioning than most Gun heroes, as she has skills that work well at long and short range. Her passive reduces the attack by 2 of the enemy directly in front of her, which does support front row placement. In the front, Columbus has more freedom with her AoE skills, but also is more open to retaliation by the frontliners of the enemy team, which usually will have type advantage against Gun class heroes.

Columbus's base attack is Rifle Shot, which has greater range and damage at the cost of more restricted range. Anti-Material will likely be one of her most frequently used skills. It couples a high damage modifier with a respectably low delay, allowing Columbus to reliably drop huge damage on enemies within 3 range. Grenade Shot is sort of the odd-ball of Columbus' skillset. It's a Cannon skill that has both notably lower damage and higher delay than her other skills. It also has a nice AoE, but the limited range and Friendly Fire restrict its usage a bit. Egg Bullet shares much more in common with standard Cannon skills, combining high Wait time with huge damage over a sizable AoE. Thankfully, you can utilize this skill to freely obliterate chunks of the battlefield without any worry of damaging allies in the process.


Columbus actually has surprisingly low Delay on her skills, so fixing her pitiful base Speed stat will result in a dangerous combination of power and quickness. Gun items can also be very helpful in making the most of her naturally high damage output. Movement enhancing items are also very handy in helping her set up more big hits after her initial targets have fallen.

Good Item Synergy:

  1. Speed boosts
    • Columbus's best damage skills have low enough Delay to really capitalize on a more reliable Speed stat
  2. Gun items
    • Although all of the mid-level gun items suit Columbus nicely, Tathlum perfectly matches her needs
  3. Movement enhancers
    • Aetite allows for faster Move actions and Heidrun grants a brand new skill that works exactly the same as Tadataka's Shukuchi skill.
  4. Wait reduction
    • Lowering or removing the Wait time on Egg Bullet turns it into a monster of a skill, but I personally feel that there are other heroes that can make better use of these items


Location Mission Requirements Rewards Notes
Kyoto 商人の手腕

(The Skill of a Merchant)

Negotiate x1

2000 gold

+1 equipment slot Geronimo joins the party
San Francisco 商人とアウトロー

(The Merchant and the Outlaw)

Negotiate x2 Skill: Grenade Shot


After Azteca is completely conquered
Vancouver 商人への賠償

(Compensation for a Merchant)

Negotiate x3

5000 gold

+1 equipment slot

Panama's funds rise to 800

After conquering 35 cities
Fort Sumner 賭博と商人

(Gambling with a Merchant)

Negotiate x4

6600 gold

Passive Skill: Coercion (威圧) Aftr conquering Sydney
New York 商人のおもてなし

(A Merchant's Hospitality) ★H

Explore x2

Negotiate x2

Hero Skill: Egg Bullet


After conquering 70 cities and clearing Himiko's first mission